Who am I?

Aquarius. Always in motion, always in touch with people and nature. An uncompromising fighter for land, animals and against injustice.
Why Nature Inbox?
Apparently the time has come. Many years of creating in the business related to beauty and cosmetics, running my own salon and working with prestigious brands have not given me the peace to not leave my mark in this whole story. The “crown” had to happen. The crisis that has locked us in our homes. We did not sit idly by. Time has ripened and we have finally been able to create something of our own. What we have been developing in our minds and dreams all this time. He’s here now. The first “child” from the Nature inbox family. And even more are coming 🙂
And our guide in everything will be nature and nature!

Story about Nature Inbox

Once apon a time in Tuscany - Italy. The story begins there...

Why Shop From Us


We only use natural ingredients that have not been tested on animals!


Of course, if we accept your order that day by 12 noon


We like to participate in events. Show off and rejoice!


If you are not satisfied with Nature Inbox, we will refund your money.

handball coach

The deodorant is gentle and skin-friendly. All the scents are interesting and pleasant. It is very easy to use. I can easily recommend it to athletes as well!

Singer Bepop

My husband and I both use deodorant and on the first try we were positively surprised. It lasts all day, smells extremely nice and is very lubricating because I missed competing products. I am happy to use and recommend it regularly now.