Terms of business

Nature Inbox is a trademark of DRUM Dejan Tamše s.p. & Urška S. Tamše s.p. with the address Ob Savinji 61, 3313 Polzela. The Nature Inbox online store operates in accordance with the Consumer Protection Act, as well as in accordance with the Electronic Commerce on the Market Act.

You do not need to register to buy Nature Inbox products. In the general terms and conditions of the Nature Inbox online store, we present the operation of the online store, your rights as a customer and the business relationship between the owner of the Nature Inbox online store and product providers. By placing an order, you confirm that you are familiar with the full text of the general terms and conditions set out here and that you fully agree with them.

Prices and up-to-date data

Prices are valid at the time of placing the order and do not have a predetermined validity. Only products that are on sale have limited validity. These prices are valid only until the stock is sold out or. by that date. All prices are in EUR, in accordance with 1 par. Article 94 of ZDDV-1 tax is calculated.

Despite the extraordinary efforts in providing up-to-date and accurate data, the possibility of errors cannot be ruled out. There is a possibility that we may not correct the data (price, product characteristics, delivery time, stock) at the same time as the change. In these rare cases, we will notify you of the change and provide a cancellation or solution that will be to our mutual satisfaction.


Shopping in the Nature Inbox online store takes place 24 hours a day, every day of the year.

The following information is provided for the product:

  • product name and description (you can access the detailed product description page by clicking on the product image or product name),
  • the price of the product and any promotional price,
  • product benefits.

First you put the products in the shopping cart. You can edit the status of your cart at any time (change quantities, remove and add products). The cost of general delivery, which amounts to EUR 2.90 when sending via the Slovenian Post, is displayed. In case you would like to settle the purchase according to the pro forma invoice, mark the Proforma Invoice and we will forward it to you.

  • Payment can be made by  credit card via PayPal.
  • You review the order and change the quantity.
  • Complete the purchase by reviewing your order and clicking the “submit order” button at the end of the purchase summary. In case you want to change any of the steps, you can scroll back after the purchase by clicking on “change” in the lower right of the order overview.

Enter the information where we should send you the selected products and confirm the order. You will be redirected to the confirmation page, where you will be thanked for the purchase. Your order will be placed with this. We will take care of it immediately or in the shortest possible time (all orders are confirmed within 24 hours).

  • Order accepted – after placing the order, you will receive an e-mail notification that the order has been accepted and when it will be shipped (the maximum deadline is 3 days from the date of the order). In case you want a pro forma invoice, we will send it to you in the next message within 6 hours.

Inform us about any change or cancellation by e-mail at info@natureinbox.eu. To verify the information or ensure the accuracy of the information, we may call you at the contact telephone number you have entrusted to us.

  • We ship the goods – we prepare and send the goods within the agreed deadline, in accordance with the notification in the confirmation message. The order is the basis for issuing an invoice, which is at the same time a contract between the buyer and the provider. All contracts are stored at the company’s headquarters and available to the buyer for inspection.

Methods of payment Ordered goods can be paid for:

  • By payment by proforma invoice: you will receive a proforma invoice  to the e-mail address specified in the order. Payment of the proforma invoice is followed by dispatch of the shipment within 1 day of receipt of payment.
  • Via the PayPal payment system.

Until the final payment, the goods are owned by DRUM Dejan Tamše s.p. Packing and delivery The costs of packing and delivery of one package to an address in Slovenia amount to EUR 3.50, in the case of payment by proforma invoice you avoid paying the commission charged by Pošta Slovenije in the case of payment on delivery (EUR 1.05). Shipments of ordered goods are made every working day at 1 pm (orders by 12 noon) and on Saturdays at 12 noon. Delivery time Preparations for the delivery of your order begin as soon as you receive an e-mail confirming the order or immediately after the inflow of money into our transaction account. We send the ordered goods within one to two working days. Withdrawal from purchase Pursuant to the Consumer Protection Act, you have the right to inform us within 14 days of receiving the goods that you are withdrawing from the contract by e-mail to info@natureinbox.eu, without having to state the reason for your decision. You can also return the goods within 14 days of receipt without prior written notice. You can return the products to our address: DRUM, Dejan Tamše s.p., Ob Savinji 61, 3313 Polzela, Slovenia. The message is considered timely if the shipment is delivered within 14 days of receipt. The only cost you incur is the direct cost of returning the products. Reimbursement costs are borne in the amount charged by the selected delivery service. Products must be unused, undamaged, in the same condition and in the original packaging, unless they are destroyed, damaged, lost or their quantity has decreased without the fault of the buyer. If you start using the product and change your mind, you lose the right to withdraw from the contract. DRUM is not obliged to accept redemption shipments or shipments that do not meet these general terms and conditions. When returning the goods, you can request a refund, credit or other product. When refunding the money, the purchase price, reduced by delivery costs, will be returned to the transaction (personal) account, within 14 days at the latest. We will be happy if you inform us of the reason for any withdrawal from the purchase agreement, as this will help us to improve our offer and update our services, which is not a condition. The court in Celje is competent for resolving possible disputes. Right of withdrawal in case of order We reserve the right to exceptionally (partially) withdraw from the execution of the order in cases where the ordered products run out of stock in the order processing process, if we find increased payment risk of the customer, if the order form was not fulfilled in accordance with the general conditions. price list errors. In all such and similar cases, we will immediately notify you by e-mail of any withdrawal from the contract. Complaints of shipments In case of any problems with the products purchased from us, incorrectly delivered shipment and in similar cases, we will listen to you with all our attention and help solve the problem or provide you with appropriate instructions. Let us know your problem at info@natureinbox.eu and we will do our best to answer you as soon as possible. Our mistake In the event that the delivered products do not meet the characteristics or specifications of the ordered products, you must notify us within eight days from the date of receipt of the product. Please return the products in the original sales packaging and in the condition in which you received the product. Attach a completed complaint form, which we will send you by e-mail upon request, with a brief description of what is the reason for the refund. The amount in the value of the returned product, without selling costs or. We will return the delivery to you, acknowledge it as a credit or send you newly selected products at your request. Product damage during delivery If the goods have been damaged during transport, please contact Pošta Slovenije, which will make the delivery. If you believe that the shipment was damaged during delivery, inspect the received goods immediately and in the presence of the postman. All subsequent complaints of damage to goods are taken into account by Pošta Slovenije only exceptionally and our company cannot resolve them. Enter any damage in the minutes, which the delivery person is obliged to sign. It is also desirable that the damage be recorded with a camera.

Protection of personal data

We store and handle the personal data of users of the Natural Inbox store in accordance with the Personal Data Protection Act. We keep all personal information confidential and do not pass it on to third parties without your prior written consent. By concluding the purchase agreement, you agree that we store and use your data for the purposes of archives, statistics and direct marketing. You can request in writing at any time that we temporarily or permanently stop using your information to send news about the offer and other advertising messages. Let us know at info@natureinbox.eu. When editing a website, we try to ensure the accuracy and timeliness of the information. However, criminal and civil liability for factual and legal errors in the information is completely excluded and we are not responsible for any direct or indirect damage or inconvenience that may occur to the user due to the use of any incorrect or inaccurate information that may be found on this website. We reserve the right to change any information included or available on this website at any time without prior notice. The content published on this website does not have the character of an official document, except where specifically stated. We are also not liable to users for any damage that may occur due to technical problems, or due to the inability to access the website or the inability to use information located or derived from the website. All text, images, graphics, animations and other documents contained on the website are subject to copyright or other forms of intellectual property protection within the legally permitted framework. The content of the websites may not be copied, distributed, modified or reproduced in any other way, except with our written consent.