Black Pepper 50ml

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We guarantee that when you use the Nature Inbox deodorant, you will feel fresh all day, no matter what kind of work you do 🙂

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This wonderful deodorant contains more concrete scents that convince with their determination. Black pepper, patchouli and a “pinch” of lime is a winning deodorant combination. And a house secret that makes deodorant even more attractive 😊

Freshness throughout the day is guaranteed!


Ingridients: Coconut butter, Mango butter, Corn starch, Sodium bicarbonate,

Bees wax, Essential oils: Lime, Black Pepper, Patchouli



Apply a hazelnut-sized amount of cream under armpits and smear. It is recommended to use it after showering when the skin is warm, moist and cream is better smeared/absorbed into the skin. Not recommended to use immediately after shaving.


Shelf life is 12 months


Suitable for children, teens and adults. For all family.

  1. Jana

    Kolegica ga je naročila, pa je še mene prepričala. In izpolnil je vsa pričakovanja, zelo je nežen, super se namaže, prijetno diši.

  2. Simon

    Sem aktivni atlet, deodorant sem videl pri Maji M., sem probal na skrivaj 🙂 Pa sem zelo navdušen in sem že naročil svojega 🙂

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