Sweating self-help

If you sweat especially at night, set the temperature in the bedroom to a lower value, turn on the fan or air conditioner, and wear comfortable pajamas made of a lightweight material that absorbs moisture and dries quickly. Avoid synthetic fabrics. Instead of a hot bath, treat yourself to a lukewarm or cold shower in the evening, and place a jug of cold drink on the nightstand.

If you sweat mainly under the armpits, try using protective pads and T-shirts made of absorbent materials.
If you suffer from excessive foot sweating, wear shoes and socks made of natural materials that allow air to circulate. Whenever possible, walk barefoot or wear sandals. Do not use the same shoes for several days in a row, but allow them to dry completely before putting them on again. You can also get shoe insoles that reduce sweating and prevent unpleasant odors, or a powder designed to absorb excess moisture.

Each person is characterized by a unique body odor that can be influenced by gender, diet, health, medications, and other factors. Men tend to sweat more and are therefore also more prone to developing unpleasant body odor. This also applies to overweight people and those with certain health problems.
If you have problems with unpleasant body odor (with or without hyperhidrosis), try using antibacterial soap. After showering, dry yourself well, as the bacteria that break down sweat and thus cause an unpleasant odor, especially at the heart, is a humid environment. Shave regularly under the armpits, which will allow the sweat to evaporate faster and consequently reduce its breakdown. Wear clothes made of natural fibers, such as wool, silk or cotton, because they allow the skin to breathe and sweat to evaporate faster. Also, make sure to wash your clothes regularly, not forgetting your bras. Surprisingly, many women do not have enough of them that fit them perfectly, so they do not wash them often enough. Because they come in direct contact with the skin in the most sweaty areas, they need to be washed more times than you might think.
You can also deal with unpleasant odors by using deodorant 🙂